Insurance Claim Lawyer For Hurricane, Flood, and More

Diverse Legal Solutions has represented thousands of policy holders, homeowners, condominium associations and condominium unit owners throughout their insurance claim process.  Additionally, we have represented clients during the course of litigation that followed denied or underpaid insurance claims. We have assisted clients in successfully obtaining the recovery they need and deserve after filing a claim pursuant to the terms of their insurance policy.

We will guide you through the storm of obligations your insurance company will place upon you after filing a claim.  There are numerous duties both you and your insurance company have under the terms of your insurance policy.  We will ensure your rights are enforced and your duties are complied with.  Additionally, we will defend you during an Examination Under Oath, should your insurance carrier request it.  Do not attend an Examination Under Oath without a lawyer.  Your insurance company will have a lawyer present, so should you.    

Do not allow an insurance company to delay, deny and defend an insurance claim.  Having a lawyer will ensure your insurance company moves your claim forward pursuant to the requirements and time tables set forth in Florida's Fair Claims Handling Act and the Bad Faith Statute.  With us on your side you will not have to worry why the process is taking so long or give up hope of repairing the damages to your property .

Finally, Florida Statute 627.428 obligates your insurance company to pay your attorney’s fees at the end of a successfully litigated insurance claim.  All legal fees incurred by our law firm are recoverable directly from your insurance company.  You will never come out of pocket for our services once your lawsuit is filed.  The best way to ensure that your rights are protected and the insurance company offers the appropriate payment to you during your claim and/or litigation is by having knowledgeable legal counsel by your side throughout the process.

Insurance claims range from damages resulting from:

Diverse Legal Solutions’ lawyers specialize in the area of insurance claims to home and business property. Our lawyers handle claims arising from damage caused by hurricanes, water, roof leaks, vandalism, theft, sinkholes, floods, and other causes of damage. Hurricane season in Florida takes up almost half of our calendar year. Make sure you have the advice you need when dealing with a hurricane claim and your insurance company. This goes for any insurance claim you need to process with your insurance company. Speak with our lawyers first. Call or e-mail us!

Diverse Legal Solutions brings extensive courtroom experience to every case in all insurance claim matters, at both the federal and state level.